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Let me take this opportunity to express my thank you for all the excellent care that has been shown to me since my arrival at Complete Care at Kresson View! When I arrived at Kresson View they were extremely helpful, polite, caring, respectful and absolutely professional! This includes the entire staff from the custodial to the executive staff. You should be well pleased that you have a facility this well run in this day and age. Kudos to you and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

-Dee Whitmire

I have been happy to stay at Complete Care at Kresson View for the past 6 years! My daughter and I felt the hominess of Complete Care at Kresson View was a great attraction. I still feel the same way after all the years being her that we made the right choice! I am thankful to all those that have helped me and continue to help at Complete Care at Kresson View.

 -Doria Cardwell

Complete Care at Kresson Views is a nice place to be next to my home.

-Nicholas Roberts

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for being a friend to my mom when she couldn’t have family around her. There are really no words to express our gratitude to you, except you know what family is about, and you were just that to my mom. We can never repay you for the loving kindness shown to our mom. Know that we are forever in your debt. Always stay as awesome as you are.

-Linda Bennet

Caring Relationships Resonate!

The close relationships forged between staff and family at Complete Care at Kresson View are authentic. That’s why so many of the individuals who have gotten better under our care keep up with us. Many share their family milestones, send us photos of their loved ones, call our staff members on their birthdays—or just send us their best holiday wishes.


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